Prague 6, Czech Republic

Clinic for Assisted Reproduction is dedicated to the issue of infertility treatment in the Czech Republic. We provide a comprehensive care in the sphere of diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders.



Clinic Overview


Each our key employee has got many years of experience in the domain of assisted reproduction; the experience drawn from the most reputable centers specialized in reproductive medicine situated both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Thanks to fully professional expertise, we have been able to build such as modern center disposing of the precise technical equipment, sophisticated logistics and effectively trained personnel. We hope that these solid foundations enable us to provide to all our clients comfort and safety, as well as a friendly and empathic connection with all of our employees.

IVF CUBE clinic – with the help of all the state-of-art methods and the latest scientific knowledge – creates a complex approach in treating the infertility.

We would like to enable all our female and male patients to closely monitor the progress of their therapy, to get a deep insight into our modern and well-equipped laboratories and fully participate at every step and decision made throughout the length of their path to the desired goal. We conceived the clinic's equipment of IVF CUBE in such a way that every moment of this journey can be visually monitored – starting by the oocytes collection, their quality consideration, up to the cultivation of the embryo stage. Based on this strategy and vision, we endeavor to convey to our patients as much information as we can with regards to the infertility treatment, so we ease the decision-making, and contribute to the clients' peace of mind and contentment.

We believe that we will be able to mediate you the Touch of a new life.