General Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Data Protection

These are the General terms and conditions („Terms“) and Privacy policy and data protection („Privacy policy“) of Salutara platform at

Who are we and what do we do

Salutara is a brand of Broomsters Limited, reg. nr. 09955927, with its registered office at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

Salutara is an online platform („Platform“ or „Salutara“) at („Site“) that provides general information about medical treatments, lists clinics, surgeons, hospitals and other medical facilities („Providers“) and enables its users („Users“) to connect directly with clinics, ask questions to clinics, ask for quotes, dates and make an online booking („Services“).

Salutara does not provide any medical advice, diagnosis, medical recommendations, medical treatment or medical services of any kind. The information on this site is merely to orientate and provide a general outline. It does not replace professional advice, diagnosis and treatment recommended by a physician or specialized doctor.


Platform is only for Users of age of 18 and older. By using the Platform User declares that he/she is older than 18 years. Salutara has right to refuse to provide its Services to Users younger than 18 years without any explanation. If User wants to book a medical treatment for a person younger that 18, he/she has to specifically ask Salutara Customer Care by sending a message within the Platform by clicking „Ask Salutara“ button.

How does it work

Users can use the Platform without a registration or they can register for free with email or social network accounts. After registration User can, within his/her Salutara account contact clinics about price of the treatment he/she is looking for, consult their needs and possible treatment outcomes, ask for a treatment or surgery date and book the date online by paying a deposit.

Salutara provides Users with price estimates and price calculators that serve only as a price indication based on the information provided by clinics. Price of the treatment has to be provided by a clinic representative.

Salutara does not have any liabity for information or content published or sent to Users by Providers. Scope and price for any medical treatment or services are agreed only between patient and Provider and there is no contract about medical services concluded between the Platform and its Users, such a contract can be concluded only between Users and Providers. Salutara only provides a place where User and Provider can connect and agree about providing medical services.

What does it cost

Salutara Services are free of charge for its Users, unless a User opts for a Service that is paid. Paid Services of Salutara platform are explicitly mentioned and described within the Platform with their conditions. Salutara processes deposit payments for a medical treatment ordered by a User with a Provider. This does not conclude any responsibility of Salutara for a medical treatment.

Salutara is not responsible for any User´s cost resulting from data usage.

Password security

User is obliged to keep his/her login name and password safe. Salutara does not have any liability for loss or damage resulting from losing User´s password. User can anytime change his/her password or renew a password in case he/she forgots it.

If the User wants to close and delete the his/her account, he/she has to send an email request to The account will be deleted and Salutara does not have any liability for the lost data.

Booking a medical treatment date and cancellation policy

Salutara Platform enables its users to book a date of a medical treatment with a Provider. In order to book and finally reserve a binding date of a medical treatment, User is obliged to pay a deposit.

The deposit paid on the Platform is deducted from the final price of the medical treatment of the Provider if the treatment is performed. User can cancel or reschedule the date of the treatment without any cost prior at least 14 days before the date of the treatment. Later cancellation or changes result in loss of deposit unless the User proves medical reasons causing cancellation or reschedulling (such as illness).

If there are medical reasons reported by a Provider causing that the booked medical treatment cannot be performed, the paid deposit is fully reimbursed to the User.

Privacy policy and data protection

Salutara considers Users´data protection of great importance and makes its best effort to secure the Users´data. Salutara does not have liability for transmitting Users´ data through the internet or email. Salutara collects only data that Users provide voluntarily in order to receive information from Providers regarding the medical treatment that Users inquire.

By using Salutara Platform User agrees with the Privacy policy and data protection.

User can anytime cancel this consent to Privacy policy and data protection by email to

Salutara collects a name, email of the User at a registration and reserves the right to send emails to User with notifications and news. User can anytime opt out from these emails by changing his/her account settings. In order to enable User gain relevant information from Providers, Salutara collects other personal information and/or pictures or other formats of documents voluntarilly provided by Users. These data and information are provided by a User to Providers that User starts communications with. User is informed about this on the Platform.

Cookies and data analytics

Salutara uses internet browser files („Cookies“) and other analytical tools to improve User´s experience with the platform. Salutara uses retargeting technology to present its Users special offers and commercial on the internet. Salutara does not use Cookies, analytical tools to store any personal information of the User. By using Salutara Platform User agrees with usage of Cookies.

Changes of these Terms and Privacy policy

Salutara reserves the right to change the Terms and Privacy policy anytime and the actual Terms and Privacy policy is published at Salutara platform. With every visit at Salutara platform User gives consent to these Terms and Privacy policy.